About Me


Jarkeshia McGahee

Encouragement Provider

Jarkeshia McGahee, also known as Rays of SunshineJAM loves to spread encouragement to all that she meets.  Rays of SunshineJAM meets Christian women during the season that they are experiencing to provide encouragement, inspire, and equip them with the tools to encourage others.

The Encouragement Forward Podcast was birthed during a time of grief where God provided an opportunity for Rays of SunshineJAM to use her voice to encourage and inspire others. The aim of the podcast is to share an encouraging story or testimony on how one overcame a tough season.  The term, "Encouragement Forward" is equivalent to Pay It Forward, we all have received encouragement in our lives and there are numerous people that need encouragement.  Remember how you felt when someone inspired you, now pass it on to someone else.

Thanks for being a part of this movement 


May God continue to bless you and your family.

I love you, and God bless!!!