• Jarkeshia McGahee

Meditate 07-30-20

As I was updating everyone on my husband's condition on yesterday, I was asked a few questions: "How are you doing?" and "Do you have any scriptures that you meditate on?"

Let me backtrack, I took my husband to the emergency room yesterday because his blood sugar was too low and he is diabetic. He is recovering from a stroke that was diagnosed on June 10th. There has also been issues going on with me with my MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and the process of changing medicine.

It has been a journey with being a caregiver, wife, mom, and working during all of this. The answer to those questions that I mentioned was answered at first with hesitancy then I was just brutally honest. I was not doing well with everything that was and has been going on. This answer was followed with the second question by a few people. I responded that I need to have more scriptures memorized and to cover me in hard times.

I am working on my list and wanted to know what scriptures do you go to for encouragement.

Let me know in the comments or by DM.

God bless!!!

♡Rays of SunshineJAM ♡

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