• Jarkeshia McGahee

Be Encouraged 7-27-20

So much has been going on in my life lately good and not so good, but the good outweighs the bad. On June 10th, my husband suffered a mild stroke and is recovering well. On July 21st, my MRI revealed that I had three new lesions on my brain showing that my MS had some progression.

As of today, we are still facing some uncertainties with my husband's vision, he will be undergoing a stress test, and I will be changing MS medication.

Through all of this GOD has helped me to really see my purpose, to encourage others. I have always had a hard time encouraging myself but have been very good at encouraging others.

During this season, that my family is going through I joined the @godlywoodgirl School of Business and have discovered my purpose as a Christian entrepreneur. GOD and all that HE has placed in my path have told me to BE ENCOURAGED. This birthed my new t-shirt collection and now the official start of my Christian business. I never thought I could do any of this, represent a brand of my own while serving GOD.

Thank you, GOD, for giving me this confidence and Phillip and Stephanie for your support.

Stay tuned!!! GOD is on the move!!!

♡Rays of SunshineJAM♡

I love you!!! God bless!!!

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