Check Your Fuel Cap

So I learned a new feature about my car today, as I got in to crank it up this morning, the status on the dashboard said “Check your fuel cap”. I got out and made sure that the cap clicked since I did fill up yesterday. Yesterday, I drove for a while after getting gas and did not receive this warning. After I checked the cap this morning and began driving the warning kept showing up even after I dismissed it multiple times because it was a serious warning, this became aggravating. I waited until I was at a well-lit area and unscrewed the cap and tightened it again. Something told me to turn the car off and turn it back on to reset it, sure enough, this made the warning go away.

This led me to create this post because I felt that this was God also getting my attention. HE can give us warning signs and we often ignore them and keep pushing them aside. It is not until we stop and recognize that HE is giving us a very important lesson even in something as simple as a “check your fuel cap” warning. I took this as God saying you need to pause and reset. We often need to check our heart and faith to see where we are spiritually and take inventory of where we need to strengthen or improve. Today, I will be doing this and HE has gotten my full attention.

We can be spiritually refilled but we must make sure our cap is on tight so that nothing can seep out. Check your cap and do a reset or take a heart inventory today.

I ask you what sign is GOD showing you today or has been showing you recently.

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