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Have you been taking captive of your thought process?⁠

Has it changed with all the changes that have occurred this year thus far?⁠

We must take captive our thought process and see if there is anything that needs to be checked.⁠

God gave me a writing prompt the other day on "Thoughts", but I am just now writing it and there is more to go with it.

My thoughts have been a little all over the place with taking care of the family, work, running a business, and the haunting of my past. There have been challenges along the way during this pandemic and year. As you may remember my husband is recovering from a mild stroke and is making improvements faster than others expected, all Jesus. It has been a task to make sure that I have all our appointments organized and to make sure that I have not forgotten anything, thankful for Google Calendar and color labels. Work has been a struggle with trying to stay focused and block out the outside things, but for some apparent reason when I get to work my mind suddenly remembers everything that I need to do or get done. Running my business has been like any other business in the beginning stages, slow but steady. I have so many ideas of things that I would like to do but often worry if they will be beneficial or flop, but I do know that I am fulfilling the purpose that God created me for. Things happen that make my mind for some reason remember the haunting of my past, where I struggled with anxiety and depression and sometimes still do currently.

However, I am working on improving them each day, especially with taking captive the thoughts that GOD is giving me and talking with my counselor.

On Monday, I felt so elated because I was getting to see my purpose in action with encouraging others. That morning I prayed Psalms 139:23-24, asking God to search my heart and lead me in the way of everlasting. I knew after I prayed that prayer that somethings were about to happen and be revealed, it felt different than other times that I have prayed it. Also, I remember someone saying be prepared for what comes with that prayer. These leads me back to the thought process that I mentioned earlier, let's just say HE has been revealing some things that I knew were there and also need to work on, a true heart check. GOD revealed to me that I was harboring jealousy, pride, fear, worry, anxiety, and doubt. I received some exciting information that evening that instantly showed my jealousy, I had to stop and check myself. I have been prideful when asking for advice on certain business things and have had fear, anxiety, and worry over things that I think could happen to my child or myself. The fear, anxiety, and worry are mostly related to my past and events that occurred with a child my daughter's age. I pray for freedom regularly.

God has also been getting my attention with scriptures and many themes in my devotions, sermons, and encouraging texts that have carried similar themes prior to this week. One scripture that stood out to me was 2 Corinthians 1:3-7, these verses provided the theme of Comfort. A few other themes were Ask, Repentance (which came on yesterday), and Love.

This has been my journey for the past few days.

How are your thoughts today? Pause for a minute and reflect on your thinking.⁠

Are you able to relate? Comment below and share it with someone who needs to complete this practice.⁠

God Bless!!!⁠

💛 Rays of SunshineJAM💛⁠

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