• Jarkeshia McGahee

Thoughts from 06-02-20

Self-doubt has kept me from starting or even finishing certain projects or ideas. I even had self-doubt about creating this blog. Most of the self-doubt stems from the fear of failing. How many of you can relate? Fear comes from the enemy, he would love to see each of fail and not fulfill our God-given destiny. God has a purpose for each of our and HE will give us the tools to succeed. I have doubted myself on many occasions by also worrying about what others will think or say. I know that is something beyond my control and I should not care about what others are thinking or saying. Sometimes our doubt comes from past experiences. We have to remember that our past is just that in the past. We must remain in the present and trust God. Daily, I am trying to remember this and work on it. My thoughts often take hold of me and cause me to doubt myself, but I have to stop and not give in to the lies of the enemy. I pray for each of us to fight self-doubt with full force and that we will be freed of its hold.

May God Bless and keep you!!! I love you!!!

Rays of SunshineJAM

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