• Jarkeshia McGahee

Time With GOD

Spiritually, lately, I have been a little all over the place.  Let me explain.  Since COVID happened things have been a little out of whack, I am sure you all can relate, but it has been rewarding.  With the closing of many places and moving to strictly virtual church services in the beginning things began to get a little tough. This season has been filled with many highs and lows, but one thing that has remained, and that will always remain constant is GOD. A few years ago, I was a person that woke up early every morning to do my devotion, journal and listen to worship music.  I would send daily then weekly inspirational texts to others and that slowed down with the busyness of life and my new role as a mother.  I know many of you can definitely relate to the lack of finding time as a new parent.  Also, I was this person that would beat herself up if I did not complete my devotion each day or if I missed a service. I have grown up in the church most of my life with my dad being a pastor and always knew that church is important.   When I am spiritually imbalanced, I find that I need to get together with a few trusted fellow Christian sisters that will pray with and for me or that I need to attend service in person, where worship always uplifts me. Even though the church is meeting in person we have to be mindful of the number of people we are around with many in my household having autoimmune diseases and my husband is still recovering from his stroke.   I still complete my devotions each day and always pray throughout the day.  Time has been my culprit lately.  There is a lot going on but I am content with the time that I am able to write a journal entry even if its months later, read or listen to the YouVersion Bible story, listen to service, and commit to Bible reading plans when I know that I can truly follow through.  I was taught by a few speakers and friends that it is not about having this plan and agenda each day but that GOD cares about you taking some time with HIM and it does not have to be this routine that is done every day.  GOD has always been there with me and I know this, I have to always remember that GOD does not treat me like man.  I have a relationship with the FATHER and I am thankful that HE chose me to be HIS daughter.   Have you felt spiritually out of balance at some point in your life?

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