• Jarkeshia McGahee

Trust (8-26-20)

It is amazing how GOD will get your attention when there is something that HE needs you to know.  Yesterday morning, I received two messages from two separate people that both ended with almost the same ending, A Trusting Tuesday.   With the inspirational texts, I felt that GOD was trying to remind me to trust in HIM. One person reminded me to trust GOD when I am discouraged because things are not going my way.  The other reminded me of how we have good and bad days but we will not complain. When I received the first much-needed message all I could do was laugh because I was feeling a little anxious because the day had already started to not go as planned.  One thing about me is that I do not like to rush and time is not my best friend.  Often I feel that I am always racing with time and cannot keep up, I do not like to be late and try to leave within a reasonable time.  When I worked in my previous job, I had anxiety quite often because I was trying to make sure that I did not receive a point.  My mom always taught me growing up to leave in enough time so that you do not have to rush.  I get my punctual habits from both parents that are sticklers about being on time. The messages that I received today provided me with the insight because lately a lot has been out of whack and I have felt like I am behind and was not completely giving everything to HIM.  GOD was telling me to TRUST HIM, HE HAS ME. Be encouraged that no matter how bad the situation may appear or the doubt or feelings that you may experience, GOD WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU!!! TRUST and OBEY

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